Nia is Movement-Medicine for the Body and Soul

Nia White Belt Intensive……best gift to oneself……ever.

I am deeply honored and excited to be having Roberta Mohler coming to my studio.  The week of May 19th marks the beginning of an incredible journey for anyone that is ready to step into their body, experience a week of awareness and soul satisfying connection to themselves. My White Belt journey began 6 years ago and it remains as one of the highlights of my life. I became aware of myself in ways that had been sleeping for so long I forgot they existed.  If you are intrigued, curious or believing you are not ready – think again.  Honor that part of you that wants to move to the forefront of your being – that part that wants to be fully present in life – engaged and aware with pleasure and joy.  I promise this week will move you to levels you did not know were possible.  What are you waiting for – the price does not even come close to what you receive in return.  Breath deep and dive in, you are worth it. 


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