Nia is Movement-Medicine for the Body and Soul

About Lise

lise and debbie (This is from my black belt graduation.  I am so freakin’ grateful, and honored, to be in such a joy filled picture with Debbie Rosas Stewart, a Goddess indeed. )

I was a fitness instructor and Yoga wise teacher in our community of Claresholm.  A friend heard that I liked to dance and had suggested I try Nia ~what is Nia ?  I had no idea. I tried her once and my heart filled with joy, my eyes with tears ~ I knew I was home.  I was in such bliss and there was no denying that I needed to have more.  I signed up for my White Belt training as soon as I returned home .  I didn’t really know what I was getting into other than the fact that the Nia class had made me feel whole, inspired and full of joy ~ a sensation that stayed with me for many days after.  The White Belt 1 week intensive was the most gratifying week of my life.   I have grown and found such peace from this training.    My very supportive family has encouraged me to continue my growth in Nia and I have just returned from taking my Black Belt – how very blessed I am.

I feel incredibly honored to be able to share this form of movement, creativity and expression.  I am blessed with open hearted movers all over  Southern Alberta.


The purpose of the intensive – “The only true way to build self-esteem is to enter into the unknown – to do something you’ve never done before. And the only way to learn about YOUR life force is to be with it fully, which is one of the purposes of the intensive. The Nia Intensive is a space that is inspiring, supportive and roomy enough for the exploration of music and movement and the magic that happens when people come together with strong intention,” says Kathy Wolstenholme (Nia Trainer)

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