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Fall session; next week in Claresholm, the week of the 22nd for Pincher and Lethbridge, wahooey!

Greetings beautiful you, I am tickled, elated, delighted and thrilled to be diving back in.  Why so tickled?  Well, I have had the great pleasure of re-auditing White Belt in July, with the fabulous Roberta, AND I took my 1stdegree Black Belt in February.  Within both of those trainings, I have found another layer, a […]

Nia White Belt 2014

Woohoo, I have confirmed with our fabulous trainer, Roberta Mohler, and have set the dates for Sunday July 6th – Sunday July 13th (inclusive) for this life altering training.  Please note that Thursday July 10th will be a “day off”  – a day to rest and rejuvenate before completing your White Belt Journey.  Please contact […]

What a wild ride it has been…….

I am amazed at the rapid pace of time.  Here we are in the last week of “summer” and returning to routine is just around the corner.  I wrestle with routine.  I appreciate it creates definition and boundaries. At times it feels limiting and restrictive.  There is something magical that happens in July and August, […]

The Wisdom of Aging

After turning 30 I paid less and less attention to my day of birth.  As I mature my body reminds me of the amazing things that are happening within this vessel.  Hot flashes keep me in the moment, encourage me to savor sleep, to find pleasure in the heat emanating from my heart……and I do.  […]

2013, exploration and vibrancy through the celebration of your beautiful body.

Each year I find myself more excited about the potential that awaits me.  Had it not been for Nia I am not so sure that at 47 I would be feeling this way, but I do!  Gratefully, joyfully, I celebrate life through dance.  Immensely blessed is how I feel. When I ponder life I believe […]

And what a gift it is……

Have you ever thought of immersing yourself in Music, Movement, and Magic for a whole week?  This is what we do in Nia White Belt Intensive Training.  The White Belt is based on 13 Principles that create the elegant and intelligent foundation of the Nia Technique.  Each training is 7 days in duration, about 55 […]

Nia White Belt Training ~ Roberta is returning for July 2013

I am truly honored and excited to be hosting a White Belt Training with the most wonderful Roberta Mohler.  Roberta will be sharing her Nia knowledge, wisdom and insights from Tuesday, July 2nd to Monday July 8th 2013.  This one week intensive is a truly life altering experience.  Whether you are interested in teaching or […]

Nia Jam in Lethbridge ~ Saturday Sept 29th 7-8:30pm

Woohoo, first Jam of Fall 2012 and I am so excited.  You are invited to come and share in the delicious energies of Nia at above said date. We shall dance and create much magic as you have the pleasure to dance with lots of lovely people AND all of your financial contributions go to […]

Integration of 2 classes and letting go…….

 I hope this day is finding you filled with wonder and joy as you live your life expressing who you are, a spark of the divine having your very own unique experience. As I share with you the letting go of early morning Yoga, and the integration of “Senior Nia and Mommy and Me Nia” […]

Fall classes of 2012. Let us be awakened,inspired and feel good in our bodies.

Joy is a conduit for living life more fully, expansively and playfully.  I am honored to share Nia an incredible conductor of JOY.  Learning to love your body, which in turn inspires one to love their life, is greatly enhanced through the practice of Nia, movement medicine for the body and soul.  I am eager […]