Nia is Movement-Medicine for the Body and Soul

Awakening Your Inner Goddess….in Lethbridge

Awakening Your Inner Goddess is an opportunity to reconnect, reflect and heal with your divine self. Our day will be guided and supported through Nia, Yoga, journaling, meditation and much joy and laughter. Allow your Goddess to be released, allow your divine self to step forward and allow the honoring of your sacred feminine energy to flow with awareness, grace and ease.

Where: First United Church 13st and 5thAve N.

When: 9am – 1:30pm. Saturday August 11, 2012

With: Black Belt Nia Instructor Lise Schulze

Price: $65 per person (Lunch included) RSVP as space is limited.


Summer Sessions Nia/Yoga/Meditation

I am very pleased to have “received guidance” for my summer classes. Session one begins the week of July 9-13th, Mon-Fri, I will be offering :90 minute classes that will include Nia, yoga and meditation.  Classes will be offered from 9-10:30am OR 5:30-7pm.  This combination will provide a divine balance of playfulness, creativity, balance, strength and clarity of the mind and spirit.  A one week session is $60 or $15drop in fee.  Next session will be in August.  Registration is limited, please email me to confirm your space.  All above classes will be offered in Claresholm at Studio Om Lila.

Rumi quote - field

Wear what makes you feel fabulous dance party!!!

Friday May 18, 2012, eve of Nia WhiteBelt Intensive I am having a bit of a dance gig :-)  Space has been booked at the Claresholm Community Hall and you are invited to the funnest, most nourishing and playful Nia event around.  We will dance and share with the lovely Roberta Mohler, Nia trainer and Nia Master.  Last event was beyond my expectations of healing and nourishing, playful and joyful, celebration of being alive.  If you are interested in shaking it with us please drop me a line .  cost is $15p/p or 2/$25.  Claresholm Community Hall 7-8:30pm.  Doors open at 6:30pm.


Nia White Belt Intensive……best gift to oneself……ever.

I am deeply honored and excited to be having Roberta Mohler coming to my studio.  The week of May 19th marks the beginning of an incredible journey for anyone that is ready to step into their body, experience a week of awareness and soul satisfying connection to themselves. My White Belt journey began 6 years ago and it remains as one of the highlights of my life. I became aware of myself in ways that had been sleeping for so long I forgot they existed.  If you are intrigued, curious or believing you are not ready – think again.  Honor that part of you that wants to move to the forefront of your being – that part that wants to be fully present in life – engaged and aware with pleasure and joy.  I promise this week will move you to levels you did not know were possible.  What are you waiting for – the price does not even come close to what you receive in return.  Breath deep and dive in, you are worth it. 


Nia Costume this Friday in Medicine Hat ~ Awakening Your Inner Goddess ~ Sat Hat

545787_331243630263952_100001349527470_875992_1823654793_n Are you ready to awaken the divine goddess that resides within?  This Saturday I will be presenting Nia, journaling, meditation and Yoga all with the intention of re-connecting to our divinity of Sacred Feminine Power.  This 4 hour workshop will be facilitated with joy, pleasure, play and laughter.  Allow yourself to be immersed in the healing energies of the divine and mother earth with awakening lovelies.  No rules, no judgment ~ just playful remembering and healing.

Friday night is a special Nia Costume Party ~ where whatever makes you feel fabulous ~ whatever that may be.  We dance in barefeet to soul stirring and inspiring music.  Men are most welcome to come and celebrate their aliveness and vitality.  Yaow ~ let’s get it on!  Contact Noreen or 403-581-8130 to register.  It’s gonna be divine!

Spring Sessions……


Wow, I truly do have the most amazing “job”.  Every Tuesday and Thursday I have the privilege of dancing with Mommies and their beautiful creations.  Friday March 30th will be a FREE Mommy and Me class to allow new to Nia folks to experience movement and freedom with their bundle of love.  Come and share the Joy of Movement with yourself and your bambino.

Spring sessions will begin the second week of April.  Classes will continue with the same schedule but I am adding in an additional early morning Yoga class on Fridays at 6:15am.  All early morning yoga will now be a full hour beginning in April.  I invite you to come and experience Yogawise with myself and some lovely souls who enjoy connecting to their bodies and soul with spirit as our guide.

I have the pleasure of moving and grooving with Seniors on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9-9:45am – this session will continue in the spring with anticipation of more “wise ones” coming to share the Joy of Movement with us.

With the excitement of gentle breezes and warm temperatures we will dance and do yoga outside in my yard when weather permits.  Oh how I love to connect with the earth.  Peace out lovely muchachos.

Medicine Hat Dance Fest…..with me :)

image I will be in The Hat sharing Nia and a Goddess Awakening Workshop on Friday Feb 24th and Saturday the 25th.  Might you be interested in grooving and deepening your relationship to the Magnificent Goddess that resides with you? 

Awakening Your Inner Goddess is an opportunity to reconnect, reflect and heal with your divine self. Our day will be guided and supported through Nia, Yoga, journaling, meditation and much joy and laughter. Allow your Goddess to be released, allow your divine self to step forward, allow the honoring of your sacred feminine energy.

Where: Half Moon Yoga Studio ~ 546 2nd St SE

When: 10am – 2pm. Feb 25, 2012

With: Black Belt Nia Instructor Lise Schulze

Price: $60 per person (Lunch included)

Please contact Noreen Skelton to register (403)581-8130 or

Studio Om Lila is near completion and will be open for classes next week.


I hope you will join me for some soul stirring, body shaking Nia or grounding, lengthening Yogawise.  Please check out class page for dates and times (scroll down to About Nia and “Class page” will come up).  I have added many and look forward to sharing space with you in Om Lila (divine creativity and playfulness) Nia will get you in shape and remind you of your magnificence ~ you are magnificent, remember?  Here is to a fabulous 2012 ~ whoop, whoop.

So much to share…….

This fall I have been blessed with the gift of my own studio here in Claresholm.  Om~Lila will be open for classes beginning January 9th, 2012.  This has been a long awaited dream and I am deeply grateful to my husband, Dave, and son, Tucker,  that have created it for me.  As I will now have my own space I am able to lead many more Nia classes and Yogawise classes.  I am excited to be offering “Mommy and Me” Nia, for new Moms and their baby or soon to be Moms.  This :45 minute class will be a modified version of all things deliciously Nia.  I am also starting a Nia Seniors with the intention of celebrating Nia with the wise ones in a modified :45 minute class.

On the horizon is Roberta Mohler coming back to lead another White belt Training. Mark your calendars for May 19-25th. Since we get to share in Roberta’s expertise and joy once a year, I do hope you will find time to take in a master class, or maybe even gift yourself with the most healing/evolving/growing/graceful gift ever – Nia White belt.  This training will be held at my studio – Om~Lila.

Also, we are going to be having another Nia Jam, long overdue I say.  We will be grooving and shaking it in Lethbridge on Jan 27th…..more details will follow.


coming to the Hat……

I am really pleased that I will be taking a little road trip to Medicine Hat.  I will be holding a Nia dance Costume Party on Friday Nov 4th and Goddess Awakening workshop on Nov 5th.  Noreen Skelton is the fabulous producer who will be taking registrations.  Drop me a line if you want more info, or share if it speaks to you.  Both events will be held at Half Moon Yoga Studio and Noreen will be available this weekend at natural Health Healing Expo if you want to speak to her directly.

Natural Health and Healing Expo
Oct 22-23, 2011
@ the Cultural Center, Medicine Hat