Nia is Movement-Medicine for the Body and Soul

What is Nia?


Love your body, Love your Life

Done barefoot to diverse and inspiring music, Nia is a transformational movement practice that teaches you to be more JOYFUL, EXPRESSIVE, and ALIVE in your body, both inside and outside of the studio.  Nia is holistic, engaging your body, mind, emotions and spirit.  Nia draws from dance arts, martial arts, and healing arts to create purposeful movement that will help you grow and learn.

Nia is intended for everybody – people new to fitness or movement, and those that have been active for some time.  The intention is to move in your bodies way, receiving as much as you give.  All classes invoke the opportunity to move as easily or as intensely as you desire – honoring the bodies way. 

We dance in three different styles; jazz, modern and Isadora Duncan.  We incorporate three forms of martial arts; Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, and Aikido.  To bring it all together we use the healing arts; yoga, works of Moshe Feldenkrais, and the Alexander Technique.  Using all of these unique styles, at varying times, set to intoxicating and inspiring music, one cannot help but feel open to move and flow freely.   Of course, experience is definitely not necessary, and you may be surprised at the dancer that hides inside of you.

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